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EEEKKK. Day o' smut.

Finally dug out my poor abused Wacom. Hey! I thought. I'll make some iconage for Michalyn and perk her up.

Which turned into 13x5. Which turned into 13x5 *porn*. Which demanded to be colored. And then written up in a drabble. It's so not perfect in a huge number of ways, including the lack of Wufei's nipples, but you can actually tell they're people, which is a huge advance in my art skill.

If I were feeling particularly masochistic, I'd whine about all the sucky things about it, but deep down I'm pretty pleased. Validate me, those of you who do not fear explicitness. (And I'm pretty much not kidding.) I have no idea whether Michalyn is okay with visual perviness - I swear it just happened. If you'd prefer an icon . . .

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