davroskr (davroskr) wrote,

Not dead

No, really.  Totally not dead.  I'm working, and not writing very much at all.  45 hours a week really subtracts from the "fun" time available.  Occasionally I can snatch a few hours here and there, but I'm not writing faster than normal; I'm still averaging approximately no progress, no matter how long the document stays open. 

Mostly I'm playing games and designing them in what little free time I have.  Also, I try to keep my clothes from being shredded by my cats, who believe this is a delightful game to play.

I do have story ideas, just not very much urge to get them on paper. 

Sorry I've kind of dropped out of sight.  I'm still around - writing in LJ just reminds me that I mostly wanted to use it for fics.  Oh, well.
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