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Prologue - Common Ground

Another fic, hopefully (but not promised) to be continued.  AU, possible OOC (still working on Wimpy!Wu), other normal warnings - ie pretty much anything goes.  Not sure if this will be 6x5/6x13 or not.  I'm playing with a couple ideas.  Also, apologies for the shortness of the chapter - blame the thunderstorms!  They lost about half the chapter.

The restaurant was full of couples – dating, not married – and small groups – business partners, not friends.  It was the sort of restaurant that was intended to impress more than nourish.  Getting reservations was a feat in itself, as was paying for the resulting food, which was as sparse as it was delicious.

Wufei was one of the few people sitting alone.  Most were clearly waiting for someone else.  Wufei supposed it was obviously that he was waiting, too, although he didn't really expect David to show up anymore.  Wufei resisted the urge to glance at his watch.  It couldn't be more than a few minutes since the last time he'd checked, after all.  He took a deliberate sip of water.

Another fifteen minutes, and his blind date would be an official hour and a half late.  That was the magic number as far as Wufei was concerned - the big 9-0 minutes.   He couldn't resist  a slight smirk.  Sally was constantly trying to match him up.  This time, he'd have a good excuse to turn down the next few dates that Sally tried to send him on. 

In truth, it was the lost time more than the lost date that irked him.  He could be home, finishing up the report for his latest client.  Still, he couldn't help wondering why David couldn't have called. 

Wufei finally gave into his impulse, glancing at his watch again.  Another five minutes, he promised himself.  Or perhaps sooner, he corrected, as his waiter materialized beside his table, clearing his throat politely.  Instead of the check, however, the waiter placed a glass of deep red wine on the table.  Wufei blinked at it.

"I didn't order this," he said. 

"From the gentleman by the window, sir, with his compliments."  There was a new note in the waiter's tone.

Wufei frowned.  "There must be some mistake."

"He was quite specific, sir."

Still frowning, Wufei turned towards the windows, on the off-chance it was David.  He didn't spot the awkward form of his would-be date, and it wasn’t until his second scan of the tables that he picked out the man watching him.  As soon as their eyes met, the man raised his glass in a tiny salute.  Wufei quirked an eyebrow.  This man was also sitting alone.  He was attractive enough, with auburn hair and eyes that were shadowed even in the well-lit dining room.  His casually crisp white shirt and charcoal grey suit were no doubt obscenely expensive.

Wufei hesitated a moment, tempted to send the wine back anyway.  He was no woman, after all, and they weren't at a bar - it wasn't as though Wufei was inviting advances!  And he wasn't interested in dating.  Still, there was no need to be ruder than necessary, Wufei decided.  WIth a nod to his waiter, Wufei rose, taking the wine with him to the other man's table. 

The man half-rose as Wufei approached, gesturing to the empty chair across from him.  Wufei shook his head.  "Thank you, but no.  I was just on my way home."  He placed the glass carefully on the table.  "I appreciate the thought, although I confess I don't know what made you assume I was available."

The man leaned back in his chair.  "You've been sitting alone with an empty appetizer plate since I came in.   I suppose I was hoping you were available."  He examined Wufei carefully.  "You are offended."

Wufei shrugged.  "I'm not a woman."

The man's half-smile broadened, and dark blue eyes moved slowly down his body.  Astonishingly, Wufei felt himself flush.  "No," said the man.  "You're certainly not.  I apologize if the gesture embarrassed you.  In truth, I was hoping for some company for dinner."  He spread his hands.  "My own dining companion canceled at the last moment."

Wufei sighed.  Perhaps it was the glass of wine he'd had already, or perhaps it was the fact that he'd eaten only the tiny appetizer since breakfast, but he was suddenly ravenous. 

"If your companion shows up, you are welcome to abandon me," the man said.  "Please.  I have spent the day with driveling idiots, and something tells me that you have well-formed opinions."

Wufei felt his mouth curl in a reluctant smile.  That was what Sally should tell the next blind date.  "Most people usually use the word 'pig-headed.'  Or 'combative,' if they're feeling kind."  This did not seem to daunt the man across the table, so Wufei extended his hand.  "I'm Wufei Chang," he said.

A warm hand closed around his own.  "Treize Khushrenada," purred the man.  "Now, shall we go someplace else?  I don't think I can satisfy my appetite here." 
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