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Spare Reaction

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This is mostly a page to post fanfiction; I'm notoriously bad at updating journal-type things. Maybe I'll improve, but after twenty years of consistently not updating, it seems a wee bit unlikely.

I'm hoping to get writing on a regular basis, but we'll see what happens.

Bio stuff:
I live in the snowy Midwest US. I like eating, sleeping, reading, and playing with my computer and kittens. I'm quite fond of anime, particularly slashable anime with women who don't run about screaming or letting their breasts fall out of maid uniforms. I have a British sense of humor, a Swiss sense of social justice, and a unique sense of time - none of which has helped me land a well-paying job.

I spend lots of time surfing the internet and designing never-to-be-written computer games - both very unhealthy activities which have left me with searing carpel tunnel syndrome.

I'm hoping to do more finishing of fanfiction. Really. Soon. Any day now.